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Dental Crisis Clinic

Monday – Friday


Are you suffering with……….

  • Toothache?
  • Bleeding and painful gums?
  • Broken teeth or lost fillings?
  • Loose crowns or broken dentures?

Does it……………..

  • Keep you awake at night?
  • Prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy?
  • Stop you from smiling or socialising?

Are you………..

  • Afraid of the dentist?
  • Afraid of needles?
  • Afraid of the drill?
  • Worried about finding a dentist you can trust?


Our emergency dental service in York is here to help you in a dental crisis.  We will see you quickly to offer an immediate solution to your problem and relieve your pain as a priority.

Our service is available to you whether or not you are one of our regular patients. Even if you haven’t seen a dentist in years – we won’t judge, we’ll just help.

You can expect clear guidance on any further treatment you may need and costs involved.  All from £75.


What will happen if you ignore a dental problem?

Many people miss dental appointments because they don’t have time to go to the dentist or they are just too scared.

Discomfort from your teeth or bleeding from your gums is nature’s way of warning us that a problem exists.  These problems don’t go away by themselves and they are very likely to get worse.  Anyone who has had an acute dental pain will tell you just how bad it can be.  Please don’t ignore those niggles.

You could lose time at work

After back pain, dental problems are one of the most common reasons for people having to take time off work.

Your future dental treatment could become more complex

Dental problems treated at the first sign of trouble are often simple to fix and more serious problems can be averted.  Masking pain with painkillers and delaying basic treatment could make the problem more complex to deal with, involve more inconvenience for you and be considerably more expensive.

An unhealthy mouth can affect your general health

We know that dental disease can affect our health.  Gum disease in particular increases our risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, digestive disorders and low birth weight premature babies to name but a few.  Dental disease can also severely stress the immune system and lower the body’s resistance to infection.


You don’t have to be a regular patient to use our dental crisis clinic during normal surgery hours.  If you have severe pain, please call us as early as possible on 01904 794021 and we will do everything we can to see you the same day.