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What our patients say

We really appreciate the lovely ‘thank you’s’ we receive. These are a few of the recent messages



Please see below my patient review of the procedures, standards and after care that I received at Acomb Dental Practice.

If I am entirely honest up until about February 2014 I had avoided dentists with all the might I could possibly muster, I had an awful experience with a previous dentist about 7 years back and I was put off dental care full stop.

After this period of time I got concerned that my teeth weren’t been cleaned, scaled or maintained and this long term could cause me issues beyond that of which I would like to realistically consider. So upon a recommendation from a family member I decided to bite the bullet and visit Acomb Dental care, although I was reluctant due to past experiences, the staff were friendly patient and extremely helpful.

As I wanted to go with the Den Plan scheme to ensure that I was encouraging regular visits and founding good habits I had to have an overall assessment of my current dental “situation”.

It was brilliant, my teeth were back to having a full bill of health. Stronger, healthier and even whiter as I felt that the best way to accompany great dental work is great oral hygiene.

I was so happy with the results that I arranged to fix my crooked lower teeth using procedures available at Acomb Dental Practice too. This was arranged with Linda Allman at the practice; although Linda knew what my end goal was she let me have the choice of how we got there and what product we could use to get that full smile that I wanted.

I was offered multiple products, but in the end I opted for the inn-man removable aligner, for what it is and what it costs it is an very straight forward, durable and somewhat subtle piece of equipment. The aligner was specifically designed for my mouth with the sole purpose been getting those bottom teeth right.


For the first few days as the aligner settled in and my teeth became a little more malleable I felt some tenderness and discomfort, but nothing I can really moan about. The great thing about this is that the aligner works quick and I could see my teeth straightening after the first 4 weeks. I was required to visit the practice around every 3 weeks just to ensure the teeth were aligning correctly and everything was going to plan. As always, the staff were so welcoming, polite and considerate.

So the time period to this procedure for the considerable amount of difference it has made to my smile was so short. I had the aligner first put in at the start of July and by mid-October I had straight, white and brilliant teeth.

I was so pleased with the fast turnaround on this, how communicative and helpful the staff were and how overall they have really changed my perception of dentists and set a real gold standard for proper dentistry.

I initially had the work done for myself, to improve my smile, how I carried myself and keep my teeth healthy; Although being entirely honest everyone has noticed the difference, I am always getting complimented on my new white smile and I always point them in the direction of the guys responsible.

I honestly do wish I had arrange the work sooner, I work in sales so the way I present myself is important and the fact that I feel infinitely more confident shines through in my professional and  personal life every single day.


If you are looking for general maintenance, a little dental improvement or even just to demolish that perception that all dentists are pain inflicting sadists, Please do try Acomb Dental Practice. They really do give the best service and are second to none in my book.

Kind Regards

‘Today, after a night of sheer agony with toothache, and after spending quite a lot of time on the telephone, I found the name and address of a dental practice by looking through the Yellow Pages. It was Acomb Dental Care at 16 Front Street, Acomb. I was given an immediate appointment for 2.25pm this afternoon, and I was treated in a ground floor room by Mr Paul Calder who is a partner in the business.
Quite candidly, he was superb in every respect and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any who needs the services of a good dentist. He explained everything to me in detail, even the problems he might have in removing a tooth which had an abscess underneath it.
If any resident would like further information about this practice, I would be only too happy to give it.’
‘I had the top front row of teeth replaced about 10 years ago and although I was happy they were better than what I had, I was never totally happy with the quality and I went through a lot of pain to get them. Flash forward 10 years and the teeth were crumbling and needed replacing. Sarah and Lynn were absolutely great. Their soothing chatter through the 3 hour procedure kept me entertained and the dentistry was so gentle I actually fell asleep twice. The temporary teeth were as good as the ones I had in the first place and the new teeth proper are absolutely brilliant. 24 hours later and my mouth felt brilliant and I was even able to floss. So the teeth are amazing and the work something I’d not dread to happen again if the worst was to happen. Top marks all round I think :-D’
Dear Lynda. I would just like to thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence now that my extensive course of treatment is complete. I am delighted with the result and I think that it has been a very worthwhile investment.The customer service that I have always received has been excellent from you and all of your team who have always been welcoming and friendly and very professional.My treatment plan was well planned with several different options offered and everything explained at every stage. I always felt comfortable and at ease during treatment and I had very little pain or discomfort. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone thinking about embarking on a similar course of treatment to go for it, they will not be disappointed.With thanks and Kind Regards
Mrs J Tyreman
To Paul and all the staff on reception and nurses Just wanted to say thank you, you have all helped me feel at ease and been reassuring, I was very scared about having a root canal done as having a bad experience in the past and being a nervous patient!I am so pleased that I went through with my root canal and it didn’t hurt and I didn’t feel a thing, it was worth every penny and hopefully I won’t be as scared if I ever need one again, so thank you Paul! A lovely dentist and great friendly staff.
From Katie B
I was recommended a Phillips Sonicare by Sarah, (my hygienist) and after using it for only 3 months the change was fantastic. At my appointment Sarah told me my gum score had lowered by 2 points. What a result!
‘Excellent service from reception through dentist. Highly recommended!’
Patient of Paul Calder
‘Very good dental work, virtually pain free, reassuring dentist + dental nurse. I would definately recommend Acomb Dental care to people!’
‘A super session with my favourite ladies. Always a pleasure to see you!’
‘Just to say thanks again to you and everyone at the practice for looking after me so well. I know I am not the bravest of patients but your kindness, patience and expertise was very much appreciated.’
Mrs H.Willis
‘Just a short note to say a big thank you to yourself and the staff at Acomb Dental Practice for the time and care you have taken with me. I have always felt welcome at the practice and have found the atmosphere to be very caring and relaxed.’
‘Just a quick note to thank you and your colleagues for sorting me out so expertly last Friday. It feels good to have my teeth and indeed my life back. It’s great to know you can help me as and when the need arises.’
Mr O Todd
‘I just wanted to say thank you for the priority treatment on Monday and for putting the smile back on my face’
‘Whenever i have felt nervous you are always amazing!’
Thank you! Sarah & Sarah
‘Thank you very much for my lovely “new” white teeth!! I will now look good for my wedding photo album!!’
Thanks again.. Steve
‘Superb attention and service’
‘A lovely dentist surgery. So friendly, kind, gentle and caring. So glad i found you!!’
‘Dear Lynda. Thank you for the dental check-up reminder. I am actually leaving York on or about the 13th August to live in the Cotswolds. Thank you for looking after my dental health so well – I hope I am fortunate when I take up residence in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire’
With kind regards
‘Excellent Treatment’
With kind regards
‘Lynda, Victoria & Team. Thank you all for your care during my dental treatment. I am delighted with the result.’
Best Wishes

Some comments from our latest customer service survey

‘Nice welcome, introduced to my new dentist by staff that are friendly and pleasant’
‘Really lovely and professional staff, best treatment I have received from a dental practice’
‘As always – Greta is considerate and very helpful’
‘How much fun? Even having teeth cleaned – thanks to Sarah and Victoria’
‘Many thanks for purchasing a baby changing table, much appreciated’
‘My children look forward to visiting the dentist and I am sure this is down to how they have been treated, a great positive experience for all the family.’
‘I feel my hygienist Sarah takes time to listen to me and make me feel at ease.’
‘The only down side to the prompt appointment time is that I never get a chance to read the lovely magazines! Will have to start coming half an hour earlier!’
‘I feel the whole package is one of professionalism and extremely good service. I have been happy coming here for years and will continue to do so.’
‘Caring and professional as ever, excellent clear advice’
‘Sarah & Karen were very kind and caring today, I have various injuries from a fall and they went the extra mile in helping me be comfortable for my treatment’
‘My experiences in the past at other dentists made me very apprehensive. Lynda has restored my faith and given me the confidence to visit regularly. I am very grateful for that’
‘Sarah Miller and Greta Compton are both extremely friendly and professional. I have lots of trouble with my gums and dread dental appointments but the girls always put me at ease and nothing is too much trouble. 10/10!’
‘Greta is the best hygienist I have ever had. She is polite, kind and very gentle but does and excellent job.’
‘I have always been frightened of dentists and it stopped me going for many years. Since joining the practice and having Lynda as my dentist, I have had regular check ups and treatment when necessary. Having trust in my dentist has had a huge positive impact on my confidence and is having a knock-on effect with my own children. Thank you!’
‘My first visit to the practice made me feel particularly important and at ease. I have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family.’